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With over 90years of experience, Bosley Real Estate is one of the most established and innovative real estate brokerages in the city and thus most recognizable and respected in the public and the agent community. We hold ourselves to higher standards in everything that we do.

Trust us when we say – people notice. Our agents demonstrate the utmost professionalism, knowledge, skill and experience. They make us proud to carry on the family tradition. After all, our family name is our sign. As the fourth generation of the family prepares to move the brokerage toward its centennial, Bosley remains one of the oldest family owned companies in Canada. We have survived peaks and valleys, booms and busts, and experienced both the good times and the bad.

Today, Bosley continues learning, growing and adapting, both in response to and in tandem with every new challenge that’s been presented throughout our history. Bosley is a “family company” in the truest sense of the term. We believe in the feeling of belonging. We believe in providing quality service to our agents. We believe in a high level of professionalism and excellence to promote our longstanding brand. If these qualities interest you, let us know by completing the form below.


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